Quality built molds, delivered on time!
unspecified-18-1.jpegFrom the initial quote request to sampling and qualification of your molds, we take the stress out of mold making. Providing a full spectrum of services including tool design, manufacturing & mold-flow analysis with excellent customer service, we guarantee high quality molds, delivered on-time at a fair & reasonable price.

It's a simple process really. You provide us 3D models and 2D drawings and we'll build molds that produce parts to match them. We facilitate the mold making process for all types of businesses, large and small. With multiple options to choose from, both domestic and off-shore, Molds and Tooling provides quality built molds with quick turn-around times at a fair price.


Prototype or Multi-cavity molds? One size does not fit all. 
moldmaking145863686ucherie◊ Prototype molds

◊ Modular molds with interchangeable inserts to make multiple parts

◊ Multi-cavity molds for high production needs

◊ Just ask, we do it all!



Types of molds we build.

◊ High Precision/Critical Tolerance

◊ Hot Runner

◊ Cold Runner

◊ Insert Molds

◊ Quick-Change Inserts

◊ Two-Shot

◊ Unscrewing

◊ Multiple Slide

◊ Thin Wall

Contact Us and we’ll walk you through all the options.