Quality Built Molds Delivered On-Time

From the initial quote request to sampling and qualification of your molds, we take the stress out of mold making. We guarantee high quality molds, delivered on-time at a fair & reasonable price.

  Prototype and Multi-Cavity High Precision Molds

We build molds that produce millions of parts and prototype molds that make only a few parts. 

Your Molded Parts Will Meet the Specifications of the Project

Before your mold is shipped, we sample it, inspect the parts and certify that the tool is ready for production the day it arrives at your facility. All the guesswork is eliminated so your production lines are up and running from day one.

Sampling & Certification

Quality, excellent communication and on-time delivery is the focus at Molds & Tooling because our customers expect nothing less.

It's a simple process really. You provide us 3D models and 2D drawings and we'll build molds that produce parts to match them. We facilitate the mold making process for all types of businesses, large and small. With multiple options to choose from, both domestic and off-shore, Molds and Tooling provides quality built molds with quick  turn-around times at a fair price.

Engineering & Mold Design
We offer full-scale injection mold design or design input only. Our engineers & mold makers evaluate your needs by analyzing your drawings & CAD models and work in SolidWorks® & Mastercam® to design & produce highly detailed 3D/CAD models of your mold.

Industries Served
*Automotive *Aviation *Consumer Products *Firearms/Gun Parts *Electronics *Health & Fitness *Instrumentation *Medical & Surgical *Measurement & Flow *Specialty Products *Sporting Goods

Project Management
Weekly status reports
Quality & Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities.

Lasting Partnerships
Mutual respect, trust, shared vision and open communication are the foundation we build upon to develop lasting business relationships.

Quality Control & Company Focus

We employ strict quality guidelines to ensure each step of the mold making process conforms to your exact standards. We check and re-check tolerances and critical dimensions as a matter of course each step of the way to be sure the mold will make parts that match the drawings and CAD files.

Upon completion of the mold fabrication, we adhere to a strict process as seen below.

  1. Mold Sampling and mechanical functionality of the mold.
  2. Pilot run and inspection of parts. (Mold adjustments are made if necessary).
  3. Re-sample the mold.
  4. Perform a comprehensive First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) with full data of the results.
  5. Submit T1 samples & inspection report to customer for evaluation and approval.
  6. Upon customer approval, ship mold to manufacturing facility.

Quality, excellent communication and on-time delivery is the focus at Molds & Tooling because our customers expect nothing less. Quality begins and ends with our customers and we take it personally to live up to our commitments and promises. We work hard every day to meet or exceed customer expectations and we’re committed to the belief: 


                                                             The Customer Comes First!


Contact Us and we’ll walk you through all the options.


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What to Expect from us

 Molds & Tooling designs and builds complex, high-precision, multi-cavity molds for the plastic injection molding industry. We build thin-wall, hot runner, unscrewing and two-shot molds and utilize SolidWorks® & Mastercam® software in addition to the latest methods and technologies available.

Whether you require a prototype mold for a new invention or complex multi-cavity mold capable of producing millions of parts, we can meet your needs in record time and provide quality molds and tooling that will meet or exceed your expectations. Guaranteed!

Molds and Tooling has a unique, single-point-of-contact approach, setting us apart from the competition. You will deal with ONE individual, not several. Our focus on customer service and quality has helped make us a preferred provider for both domestic & off-shore mold making.

Customer Service

When you work hard to design a new plastic part and finally get to the mold making stage of your project, there is nothing more frustrating than submitting a quote request and waiting for weeks to get a price. We guarantee to provide you with a quote between 2-3 business days after we receive your request and the parts files. 

After receiving your request-for-quote, we will respond to you within 24 hours and schedule a brief telephone call to discuss your needs. A brief initial exchange of information will help us understand both your long and short-term goals, your budget for the project and your lead-time requirements for sample parts and a dock date for deliver of your mold.

We provide periodic status reports and pictures of the various stages of the mold fabrication process so you are in the loop throughout the entire process for start to finish. No guessing, you will know exactly when your mold will be completed and delivered to your manufacturing facility.